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6 essential Redmine plugins

Redmine is probably the best project management platform out there (…yes, what should we think? 😉 ), and it is partly thanks to the existence of add-ons that increase its functionality and performance. These add-ons called Redmine plugins bring new features to Redmine that allow the platform to be adapted to the specific needs of each organisation or project.

6 of the best Redmine plugins

A Redmine plugin is a program or module that allows you to add new functions to improve project management.

There are many plugins for Redmine that increase and improve its features. Below, we are going to tell you about the 6 best Redmine plugins to improve the performance and productivity of this platform:

1. Redmine X Gantt Chart Plugin

The Redmine X Gantt Chart plug-in makes it easy to use Gantt charts in project management. It provides functions such as drag and drop (of tasks and versions), apply filters on the diagram itself, highlight the critical path and display a list of problematic tasks. With Redmine X Gantt Chart it is possible to have in the same graphic the Gantt diagrams of different projects.

2. Agile methodology Plugin

Redmine's standard environment is not ideal for working with an Agile methodology, so installing the specific Agile plugin solves this problem.

The Agile methodology is currently the most used by companies around the world, as it allows them to be faster and more efficient (dividing the work into smaller tasks with a shorter delivery time). If you are going to face an Agile project, this plugin is the right one.

3. Monitoring Plugin

Monitoring panels with visual content are fashionable, as they provide advantages in understanding the data. With the Redmine Reporting plug-in for Redmine, dashboards and reports with visual content (such as color charts) are available to make it easier to monitor projects. This plugin provides real-time information on project and product development, making it easier to monitor projects and help identify potential risks and make efficient, data-driven decisions.

4. Checklists Plugin

Checklists provide a simple, quick and visual way to manage and see if a task has been completed or is pending (with a single mouse click). The Redmine Checklists plugin implements this functionality in projects.

5. Plugin for Contact Management

If you want to go a step further in Redmine, besides using the platform as a project manager, with the CRM Contacts plugin you can manage clients and contacts from Redmine itself.

The plugin provides very interesting functions such as assigning tasks to contacts, assigning them priority levels. A plugin that definitely improves Redmine.

6. Additionals Plugin

Redmine Additionals Plugin is a set of improvements for Redmine, such as making changes to the texts on the registration page, removing “Latest News”, modifying the content of the Wiki, changing the configuration of the rules for managing tasks, creating tasks from a user's profile and many other improvements that make working with this project manager easier.


The use of plugins improves Redmine's functionalities, achieving better performance in the projects and therefore making them more productive. With the 6 plugins mentioned above you will have an updated project management platform ready to face any project.

Final note: please see our list of officially supported plugins (though many others will perfectly work).

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