Benefits of using Redmine for Software Development Teams

Software development teams always face with the same two dilemmas. On the one hand, the resources available are usually scarce or limited, and on the other hand, the list of tasks to be performed is extensive (expanding more and more). With a project management software like Redmine, development teams have the ideal tool to develop their applications more quickly and efficiently, having control over all phases of the project.

Advantages of using Redmine for software development

Redmine provides a number of benefits to software development teams such as:

Redmine as an Agile Project Manager

Applying the Agile methodology in software development provides development teams with the ability to break down their work into smaller targets that allow for faster delivery to their customers. With the Agile Plugin for Redmine, a project can be broken down into smaller tasks with a shorter delivery or completion time.

The plugin allows the use of a Scrum or Kanban board, even a mixed one, the one in which the work team is most comfortable. With the drag & drop option you can assign tasks to the different members of the team.

All tasks can be viewed from the dashboard, and comments can be added or progress updated.

Manage time, resources and reports

Any software development project has an estimated development time and resources allocated to it. Managing both time and resources is very important in order to meet the delivery commitment without triggering costs.

Here, detailed reporting is essential to monitor the entire development without going beyond these limits. The Reporter plugin gives Redmine a quick way to generate custom reports on the progress of each task. In addition, these reports can include multiple tasks and be printed in PDF for easy submission or printing.

Redmine Integration with Code Repositories

Software development work is very usually linked to the use of public repositories for sharing code like GitHub.

To integrate Redmine and Github you may use any of the available plugins in Redmine's directory or even use a connection service like Zapier. There are many zaps available that for instance create a new issue in Redmine when a new issue is created in Github.

You can also connect Redmine to other external applications with the Rest API, and use them for helpdesk, billing, time tracker or other types of applications.

Redmine as Support Service

Once the software has been delivered, the team's work does not end, as there are bound to be bugs, issues, etc. that have to be dealt with. Therefore, with a Helpdesk plugin for Redmine you can automatically convert all user emails into support tickets and relate them to the development.

Quotes and invoices

Redmine can take care of quotation and invoicing with the Invoice plugin, to speed up the process and not keep customers waiting. With this plugin you can invoice to your customers the time spent on each task, adapted to the specifications of each country, and create the invoice in the desired language.


Redmine is presented as a suitable tool to improve the project management of software development teams. With the use of the various plugins, Redmine will be ready to facilitate the work, streamline processes and easily manage time and resources.

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