Redmine Default Themes

Redmine platform is a powerful and flexible tool for project and business management. One of the features that provides this flexibility or adaptability is the possibility of using Redmine themes to change the visual aspect and improve the usability and functionality of the platform. In this article we will focus on the default themes included …

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Redmine plugins

6 essential Redmine plugins

Redmine is probably the best project management platform out there (…yes, what should we think? 😉 ), and it is partly thanks to the existence of add-ons that increase its functionality and performance. These add-ons called Redmine plugins bring new features to Redmine that allow the platform to be adapted to the specific needs of …

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How to reduce email overload

E-mail is a communication tool that is used massively in the business world. The daily amount of mail that can be received can cause some to be lost, forgotten or not answered within an adequate period of time. This situation generates problems within an organization that can affect its processes and relationship with customers in …

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