When updating the theme, please be careful not to directly substitute the /customize/ and the /favicon/ folders, in case you made any changes in them. If you have a Do it for Me plan, please refer to the instructions given when the customized theme was provided.

Version 1.2 – December, 19, 2017

  • Feature > Space between top menu options gets narrower when many options are present.
  • Feature > When a project or subproject title is too long, it will be shown with ellipsis.
  • New > Helpdesk plugin: new plugin’s Reply button on issue edit page.
  • Bug > Login form was shown on the left side of the login page (some Redmine versions).
  • Bug > Default’s theme orange background was shown in the login form (some Redmine versions).
  • Bug > White boxes when hovering login form (some Redmine versions).
  • Bug > Header was shown over logo or menu in some pages (some Redmine versions).
  • Bug > Header hidden in some pages (some Redmine versions).
  • Bug > Standard icons where shown instead of Boostmine’s icons (some Redmine versions).
  • Bug > Favorite projects plugin: search field in Favorite projects query overlaps buttons.
  • Bug > Helpdesk plugin: several radio buttons in settings overlapped other fields.
  • Bug > Agile plugin: new comment overflows in issue card.
  • Bug > Forums: sticky message shown over top menu.
  • Tweak > Products plugin: “Add product” button overlay in new issue form.
  • Tweak > Vertical alignment of description’s “Edit” button.

Version 1.1 – November, 21, 2017

  • New > Compatibility assured with the rest of RedmineUP’s plugins:
  • New > Compatibility assured with Easy Gantt plugin.
  • New > Compatibility assured with Additionals plugin.
  • Fix > Forums: sticky and locked message checkboxes missing.
  • Fix > Custom fields: radio buttons didn’t appear correctly aligned.
  • Fix > Remove vertical line between submit / cancel buttons.
  • Fix > Sidebar menu option was pushed to the left when selected.
  • Fix > Overlapping tabs in Settings page solved.
  • Fix > Redmine Invoices plugin: correct amounts alignment.
  • Fix > Checkbox in save filter page not showing.
  • Fix > avoid grey background when hovering on login form fields in some cases.
  • Tweak > Header logo pushed to the left margin to make it look better when logo background is not transparent. Now logo’s recommended size is 74×74. Yoy may need to tweak your logo if you changed the default one.
  • Tweak > Roadmap: Improved design of the Roadmap’s table.
  • Tweak > Overview: Improved design of issue tracking table.
  • Tweak > Main menu: too high submenu options in “NEW” tab.
  • Tweak > Hide top menu links on login and registration pages (are not necessary in these two pages and may interfere with logo).
  • Tweak > changed default favicon. From Boostmine’s B mini logo to BestRedmineTheme’s red “R” for Redmine.

Version 1.0 – October, 18, 2017