Comparing our Redmine themes: Zenmine & Boostmine

The use of themes or custom templates in Redmine project manager brings visual enhancements that make it a more powerful, modern and easy-to-use platform. There are several options in the Redmine environment to add themes, but without a doubt, two of the most complete and used Redmine themes are Zenmine and Boostmine.

We will now show you the features of these two Redmine templates.

Zenmine Theme for Redmine

Zenmine is a theme for Redmine that can be worked with in a minimalist and clear way. The main features of  Zenmine theme are:

  • High degree of customization. In a few seconds you can change the colors of the whole interface and include your logo to adapt it to your corporate image. In addition, this theme includes a wide variety of backgrounds with which to enhance the login page layout.
  • Minimalist theme. It is a clean theme with white as the predominant colour. For all those who prefer to work with a concise and minimalist interface, Zenmine is an ideal theme.
  • State-of-the-art interface. It turns Redmine's interface into a friendly, simple and intuitive environment, including many details to improve routine tasks.
  • Optimized for plugins. Not only is it compatible with the vast majority of Redmine plugins, but it is also optimized for the most popular premium plugins or those used by Redmine.
  • Design for mobile devices. Zenmine takes into account the use of Redmine in mobile devices, with a responsive design that fits perfectly to the special characteristics of those devices (smartphones and tablets).
  • Supports left or right sidebar. Left side is default in Zenmine. If you prefer to have the bar on the right side, it is possible with Zenmine too.

Boostmine Theme for Redmine

Boostmine theme is characterized by its rounded, bold and colorful design, providing a large number of customization options that allow it to adapt to any corporate image.

  • New visual interface. It adds a new visual interface where bold design and colors stand out, moving away from the minimalist aesthetics of Zenmine. With Boostmine not only visual improvements are added to Redmine, but also new functionalities.
  • Designed for mobile phones. Boostmine's responsive design is meticulous with all the little details so that they can be seen and used correctly on mobile devices perfectly.
  • Easy to configure. Boostmine is easy and intuitive to modify and configure, with a good support and help system that makes it easy.
  • Highly customizable. Boostmine allows you to modify many visual parameters to customize the theme such as font type and size, login background, different logos, header and trackers colors, customize Redmine's home page, and many other modifications.
  • Do it for me. For those who prefer to have the theme configured properly and quickly, Boostmine has the option “Do it for me”. Corporate style guidelines (colors, logos, among others) are provided to the support team and Boostmine developers adapt the theme to these guidelines.

Both Zenmine and Boostmine are two themes for Redmine that improve their visual design and functionality, being adapted for mobile devices, something very important nowadays. Zenmine presents a simple, minimalist and intuitive environment that fits perfectly to any kind of corporate image, whereas Boostmine has a large number of configuration options and a rounded design that incorporates a modern and current style to Redmine.

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