How does Redmine issue tracker work and what are its advantages?

When you are developing a project such as a website, an application or a system, having an issue tracker is essential to streamline processes and be more productive. Redmine is a project manager and an issue tracker that combines both elements to achieve greater effectiveness when dealing with all types of projects.

In the following article we will see the advantages of using Redmine when managing a project, as an integrated issue tracking system.

What is Redmine issue tracker

Redmine is a tool to manage and monitor errors or problems that may arise during any phase of the development of a project. When a difficulty arises, finding out where the problem is and having the appropriate means to prioritize, solve and document it, is fundamental to achieve the improvement of the project and an increase in the value delivered.

Advantages of Redmine

Redmine's functionality as an issue tracker tool is to provide a series of benefits to work teams when dealing with problems that arise throughout the development of a project. Its main advantages are:

Workflow configuration

A perfect issue tracking tool is capable of configuring the workflow, enabling the assignment of permissions and changing the status of the issues. It should also facilitate the automation of processes in the detection, tracking and monitoring of errors, defects and other problems.

Basic functions of an issue tracker

Redmine issue tracker incorporates the main features that a bug tracking system should incorporate such as

  • Priorities.
  • Sub-tasks.
  • Revisions.
  • Assignments.
  • Issues resolution.
  • Issues search.

Version Control

With the use of the appropriate modules, Redmine can be used as a version control system, which can be integrated with the issue tracker. This function allows, for example, to associate a problem with a code revision (it is even possible to turn Redmine into a repository manager).

Support system

Redmine can work perfectly as a support system, since it incorporates a forum module that allows you to create specific topics for different issues, bugs, etc.

Document management

Documentation is a fundamental part in the development of a project. Redmine incorporates its own Wiki system that allows flexible management of this documentation, making it possible, for example, to link a Wiki page to a revision (of a bug or version). It also includes a basic document management module.


During the development of any type of project, certain problems, bugs or incidents arise that must be detected and dealt with efficiently (in a short time and in the right way). If the issue tracking tool is integrated into the project management software, this whole problem management process is facilitated.

Redmine is a tool that includes both functionalities. On the one hand, it is a powerful and flexible project manager, capable of dealing with all kinds of projects, and on the other hand, it has an integrated issue tracker with all its functions, which facilitates and speeds up work when dealing with errors.

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