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Do your themes support RTL writing systems?

May, 5 44
Not yet, sorry. But we have this in our roadmap.

Boostmine’s compatibility with browsers

Mar, 3 302
Boostmine is compatible with: Chrome Firefox Safari Opera Edge Brave Boostmine is not compatible with Internet Explorer, since it doesn't support variables, which we use. Explorer's browser share is currently minor and continuously decreasing. Therefore we decided not to suppo...

Best Redmine Theme pricing and licenses

Jun, 6 117
Best Redmine Theme currently offers two different plans which give you access to the thene, automatic updates, knowledge base and dedicated support. Here’s a breakdown of each of our plans: 'Do it Yourself' Plan € 75 Our 'Do it Yourself' plan gives you access to periodic updates, to our knowleg...

Terms of Service & Refund Policy

Jun, 6 32
We always try to be transparent and helpful. We also know it is very difficult to accomplish 100% of our customers' needs. Please go to this page and read our Terms of Service, included our Refund Policy.

Do I need to renew my plan?

Jun, 6 46
Renewals Your membership is valid for 6 months from the purchase date. After this period, you may renew your membership at a 25% discount of the current price for the theme for continued access to theme updates and support. What happens if a license is not renewed? Best Redmine Theme will continu...

Can I get an invoice for my purchase?

Jun, 6 38
Yes. When you purchase a Boostmine plan you get a receipt of your purchase. This receipt is issued by Paddle Market Ltd. If you need a full tax invoice, you can obtain it by clicking on the link provided in the receipt email. Get a full invoice with address & custom information. &nb...