Redmine makes it easy to work remotely in times of COVID-19

The extreme situation we are living in today, where the population of practically the whole world is confined to their homes, has awakened the need to work remotely. The vast majority of companies have found it extremely difficult to give their employees and collaborators access to their systems, as they do not have the necessary or appropriate tools to do so.

The Redmine project manager is a robust, powerful and flexible tool, ideal for teleworking and for the members of a company to be able to continue with their functions from home in a simple and effective way.

How to work remotely with Redmine

The Redmine platform is one of the tools for remote work that has the ideal characteristics to manage a project without the need for the team to meet physically.

Those who already use Redmine will have no problem continuing to work collaboratively at home. Companies that want to change their system and implement Redmine for managing their projects from home will find a platform very easy to install and configure. Using Redmine in the cloud allows all members of the work group to access the project, with no limitation on location (from home), time (at any time, as it will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week) and from any device (regardless of the operating system they use).

Next, we'll see how Redmine facilitates remote collaborative working:

Easily create and add tasks

The tasks or issues are the fundamental part of the work with Redmine. Users with permissions to create tasks can add them quickly and efficiently, assigning who will perform them, uploading files, setting the priority of the task and other functions. In addition, it is a flexible system that allows you to update the status of the task or modify any other parameter that is necessary.

Check pending tasks

Redmine includes among its tools the powerful Gantt chart to see the status of tasks and the overall project in a chronological context. With the installation of a plugin like Easy Gantt you can improve the functions of this tool.

Control the time spent on each task

One of the questions that managers and project managers ask themselves is how to control the time spent on different tasks without being present in the company's offices or facilities. Redmine includes a vital tool for time tracking that allows you to know where your team's time is being spent.

Agile methodologies

Agile methodologies make it easier to work on smaller tasks with short-term objectives. They are ideal for collaborative and remote work, offering easily achievable goals. Redmine has the RedmineUp Agile plugin, with which methodologies such as Scrum or Kanban boards can be used for simple and agile project management.

People management and communication

Redmine is a tool that incorporates the necessary mechanisms to manage the team members (with the assignment of permissions and tasks) and to encourage collaborative work, promoting work and communication among the members of the working group.


Redmine is the ideal tool for efficient and collaborative remote working. The features of this platform are designed to make communication and teamwork flexible and fast, and projects can be managed in a standardized way, without delaying time and without periods of inactivity due to not being able to go to the workplace.

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