Importance of Responsive Software Design in Project Management

Mobile devices have become a common tool both for people in their day-to-day lives and for performing their functions at work. That is why web design, online platforms and programs in general are now betting on responsive design, that is, a design that adapts to the special characteristics of the screens and the usability of mobile phones, tablets and even other devices such as smartwatches.

The Redmine project manager is perfectly adapted to work on mobile devices using Boostmine or Zenmine themes.

What is Responsive Design

Responsive design seeks to ensure that the interface of an application or web page is correctly displayed on different devices (mainly desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets). Responsive design consists of readjusting the different elements that make up the interface to adapt to the characteristics of different devices (adjusting the width, size of the icons, among other parameters).

Why responsive design matters

Responsive design is a must today, given the great boom in mobile devices. The main advantages it brings are:

  • It improves the user experience, since it can be accessed from any device with better usability.
  • Allows work in the cloud, being able to access with mobile devices from any place and at any time the work platforms.
  • Facilitates the work of the company's employees.

How to use Redmine for mobile devices

Redmine stands out as a versatile, powerful and flexible project manager. With the use of themes or skins you can modify its visual aspect and design to achieve better usability and improve functionality.

Boostmine and Zenmine themes are specially created to use Redmine on mobile devices, adopting a responsive design.

Zenmine theme screenshots
Boostmine theme: Responsive screenshots


Zenmine theme screenshots
Zenmine theme responsive screenshots

Best Redmine Themes

Our themes are the solution to access the tool from mobile devices, as their responsive design makes the use of Redmine simple and appropriate in these devices. It is ideal for those projects where team members do telework or can access the project when they are on external visits (such as customers or suppliers). With Boostmine or Zenminee, the project is freed from being tied to a computer and allows the team to work without having to be in a meeting or in front of a computer to work on their tasks.

These are is modern and customizable themes that take the Redmine platform to a new level in terms of design and visual appearance. With Boostmine or Zenmine you can adapt the company logo to the design effectively, you can change the favicon, modify the type of font used, define the colors of the different tasks and their priorities, customize the homepage and many other changes. In addition, all these customized settings will look good on mobile devices, as our themes automatically reset the various design elements.

Mobile devices allow team members the freedom to move around without losing access to the work platform. That is why it is necessary that the tools have a responsive design that does not limit this possibility. In the case of the Redmine project manager, you can use both Boostmine or Zenmine themes, specially designed for use on mobile devices.

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